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About New World Rides

OUR MISSION is to use our motion platforms to provide full-fledged motion experiences that are designed to have a more memorable and meaningful impact.
Our team has the perfect set of skills for doing this safely and effectively.

Through this, we hope to inspire others and get them excited about engineering and the arts as well as give them a good reason to come out together with their friends and loved ones for a truly immersive experience, better than anything they can get at home.

“We don’t believe in transforming our whole life into virtual reality or any other type of “pod people” future. We believe VR is a powerful tool for benefiting your real life when used in moderation and with a purpose.”

— Nick Suttell
Dr. Nicholas Suttell, CEO

Dr. Nicholas Suttell


Nicholas received a PhD in mechanical engineering from the Florida State University College of Engineering. His expertise includes computer aided design, finite element analysis, and motion analysis for designing motion platforms. Other skills include game design for virtual reality experiences. Nicholas enjoys staying active and playing soccer and going to live shows in his free time.

Dr. Tuyen Vu, CFO

Dr. Tuyen Vu


Tuyen received a PhD in electrical engineering for the Florida State University College of Engineering. His expertise includes power electronics, motor controls, battery management, and system controls. In his free time, Tuyen enjoys playing with his daughter, reading books, and listening to music.

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Please fill out the contact form to get in touch with one of our representatives. Whether you are interested in utilizing our platform for your business or you have general questions or comments, we’re here to connect.

New World Rides
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