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The experience really is a lot of fun. I found it to be surprisingly soothing!

Roto Loco Logo

To make it comfortable but still thrilling I think that was perfectly made for me.


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Roto Loco Logo

The Roto Loco is a rotational, virtual reality motion platform that bridges the gap between arcade games and amusement rides for conveniently accessible indoor or outdoor entertainment venues.

  • Specifically designed to eliminate motion sickness
  • Seats two riders
  • Rotates 360 degrees on three axes

The best part is the riders get to control the rotation!


Virtual reality (VR) has the ability to invoke deep emotional responses and high levels of presence from within the user. This technology currently helps people overcome PTSD and other forms of anxiety, and it also aids in improving stress management and cognitive-motor skills for training. However, VR technology still has several limitations.

The biggest limitation currently is the vestibular-ocular disconnect which occurs when your virtual self accelerates relative to your physical self. Our solution is the most natural; we are going to physically accelerate you in the same direction as your virtual self.

When it comes to VR locomotion, no mind games = no nausea, and our perceptual motion tests have proven that. We combine this fact with motion platforms that we’ve developed to be comfortable, high-fidelity, and social to create profound and memorable experiences. After two years of testing and over 1,000 riders, <1% of them experienced nausea or discomfort of any kind.

Product Features

Safety + Reliability

Our team of experienced electrical and mechanical engineers use the first principles approach combined with modern analysis tools to ensure our products are built to stand the test of stress and time.


Our top of the line hardware and software maintains high precision tracking of the riders’ heads, hands, and even fingers to allow for intuitive interaction. This enables compelling experiences with the highest level of presence compared to any competitor.


We solved the vestibular-ocular conflict by maintaining a 1:1 ratio of the physical and virtual rotations allowing for a more thrilling ride without experiencing any VR sickness!


Two or more people sharing a VR adventure makes for a significantly more memorable and valuable experience.

Get In Touch

Please fill out the contact form to get in touch with one of our representatives. Whether you are interested in utilizing our platform for your business or you have general questions or comments, we’re here to connect.

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